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Meet Dabito – the truly talented photographer of The New Bohemians (our current book crush!) and the witty blogger behind Old Brand New. His fresh aesthetic is characterized by mixing old and new – a hallmark of St. Frank. Dabito recently moved from LA to New Orleans to be with his “heartmate.” … Read more

Welcome into the life of St. Frank collectors Mike Duca and Shawn Seibert. Both of these men are entrepreneurs and collectors. Mike’s company, NeonMob, is a platform for digital art and online collecting. (Fun fact about these two to start things off: this newlywed couple’s proposal involved a collectable! Mike … Read more

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton As a child I was theater-obsessed (read: drama nerd – yes, that kid). One of my favorite plays of all time is Art. If you haven’t seen it, please add to your bucket list. … Read more

Sarah Jones of Miss Jones Baking Co shares her go-to summer tart recipe and how she styles her summer table: “This time of year, I love nothing more than putting to work all of the tart-sweet gems of summer, aka stone fruits. I put cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, and any … Read more

In theory, we would like to host our favorite cast of characters for dinner every night. When we imagine “the good life,” à la a Southern European-set chick flick (read Vicky Cristina Barcelona), it basically involves one activity: country kitchen candlelit dinners with laughing and animated beautiful people, endless red wine, … Read more