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We go weak at the knees for all things Latin. Little excites us more than the rich culture south of the border – viva México! One of our original St. Frank pieces was our Otomí embroidery, which led us to Cristina Lynch, founder of Mi Golondrina. We … Read more

Collectors on the hunt for the perfect piece of art often share a snap of their space and ask, “what size do I need?” We hear your cry. Here’s the quick and dirty guide to shopping our art sizing. Whether you’re looking for that jaw-dropping wow factor to transform a blank … Read more

We’re getting in the mood. That’s right, it’s time to heat things up and celebrate love. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for your crush, mum, or other loved one (or simply treating yourself to something rosy), we’ve pulled the sweetest treats for the … Read more

It’s nearing the end of January, which leads us to think about… well, February. Before we start tripping over the leap year, we need to face good ol’ February 14. Why oh why does Valentine’s Day fill us with so many mixed emotions? As your horoscope would say, if you’re … Read more

While we’re focused on putting the finishing touches on our new home (for the new year), we wanted to share some tips for arranging a coffee table just parfaît! Whether you are working with a large or small surface, follow these 5 simple rules to make it magical: Opt … Read more

When we make our bed, outfit our sofas, and fluff our chairs, we avoid perfection. (Gasp!) Yes, we want a tidy home and, of course, we strive for inspirational design, but we also take an irreverent approach to that – combining modern, traditional, and ethnic elements, and ultimately using pieces … Read more

Every year at this time we are itching for a bit of change. Our home feels tired after the holidays and we’re ready to welcome in spring. Here’s what we’re doing to freshen up for the new year: Cleaning out. There’s only one place to start our “new home” and that’s … Read more

2015 has held many highlights for St. Frank thanks to your amazing support! Sizzling it down to the biggest hits, here’s what’s rocked our year: Our growing team. Since this time last year, our full-time team has doubled to include Khoury & Carlos, plus #frankophiles who contribute part-time on design, sales, … Read more

Christmas has come and gone. We ate, drank, & were merry. Nothing quite like QT with the fam. That said, we diiiiiiidn’t exactly get… how to phrase this… what we want. Anyone else have some Bridget-Jones-esque-Christmas-jumper-from-mum moments? Well, that’s what good return policies and even better gift cards are for. … Read more

This time of year we start to pace the floor and pick our brains in search for the perfect (or even just a decent!) gift for our guy. Is it just us or is it harder to shop for the men? Their boyish charm, their rugged pursuits, and (on occasion) … Read more