Azilal Rug I

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This rug is 100% undyed sheep's wool.

Please clean only when necessary. Vacuum to remove everyday dirt. For dried residue, scrub with a gentle brush to loosen then vacuum. Dry clean only.

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This rug was woven by the Azilal tribes of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. These tribes are traditionally nomadic goat and sheep herders that roam with their herds between grazing lands in the high mountains. At these high elevations, the sheep produce a high quality wool that is used to create these rugs. For the Azilal tribes, weaving is a tradition passed from mother to daughter. The patterns are not planned beforehand; rather, they are produced spontaneously during the weaving process. The motifs record every day life, such as nature, religious beliefs, and birth. Weavers also often include symbols of luck to protect against evil spirits.